Best headset for under $50

My old turtle beach finally kicked the bucket, and I need a replacement. 


Get another turtle beach for the money they are ok head sets like the X12, I had a X11 for a long time and that thing was amazing mic quality but pretty bad audio quality but they fixed that with the X12's apparentley! they are a little over your budget. Great mic and audio quality

i use the plantronics gamecon 307. they sound great and there comfortable. best yet is that they are only 23$

The x12's are nice and can be used with xbox 360 and pc. Amazon has them for 47.99 + free shipping with prime. I don't know how how much shipping is without prime.

 Newegg has them for $60 + free shipping.


Maybe something like the Creative Fatality headset or Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS SHOCK. Never tried any of them but they should be fine for the price as far as I know.

i have heard great things of Microsoft live chat 3000