Best GTX 970? Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA ect

I am aware that the Gigabyte GTX 970 is the best of the best, however it will not fit in my computer case. (Fractal Design Node 202) So whats better? Is the EVGA GTX 970 blower good because it looks badass.

Any 970 with a blower will do really.

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Its 5 years old :I
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3 months 2 weeks left tho

Evga gtx970 ftw+ Is my favourite if you're looking for a 970, it has great cooling and can still be overclocked further.

Hes got a tiny case, so those large circlejerk type heatsinks don't really work that well.

The node 202 allows graphics cards up to 310 x 145 x 47mm.

The EVGA SSC 2.0+ is 256.5 x 111.15mm (width should meet that, i mean just look at the side view. It does not extend beyond the PCI bracket)

and it has a Core Clock of 1190MHz and a boost of 1342MHz.

970 comes with Metal Gear Solid 5 right now too. I am very much leaning towars it over the 390 now, as i am getting a GPU on the 15th of next month.

But if you really want a blower type, there is a blower SC version from EVGA.

The best 970 is a 390.

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I don't think a 390 is good idea for micro ATX builds.

  • mini ITX
      I would look into the Asus STRIX or the EVGA FTW and see which is cheaper and offers better physical attributes in relation to your case schematics.  Personally I got the Gigabyte G1 Gaming but I have the Corsair Air 540 case to fit it in. Of all the 970's I got the best OC by quite a bit from this particular 970(G1 Gaming). However I have dialed in a few friends systems with the EVGA FTW, Asus STRIX and one of the Asus mini PCB 970s. Of those three got the better clocks from the EVGA card by a small margin but the STRIX was close. Both settled into the 1500 MHz range. 
      It's important to note that the silicon lottery is in full effect with this product. My experiences may not be everyones. I will note that I can run my G1 Gaming 90-100 MHz over any other card I have tried to OC so I am sold on that card if you have the room. I tend to trust both Asus and EVGA cards so I would choose the cheaper in your instance.
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