Best graphics card for monitors

Hey guys, I was wondering if a 7870 ghz Edition graphics card could support 2 monitors. I don't need them both to be 1080. One would be 1080 for games and the other would be a lower resolution monitor for browsing or looking up information in-game. If this card won't work what graphics card would you recommend that would for about the same price?

So long as the manufacturer of the 7870 lists that it supports eyefinity you should have no problems

Would eyefinity work with different resolutions?

Most, if not all recent graphics cards will do dual monitor, eyefinity is mainly for 3 or more. Even in older cards, you can do dual monitors. Just plug them in and go, different resolutions are okay.

pickup a sapphire 7870XT or if you can afford a 7950.

Grtz Angel ☺

eyefinity makes everything appear as 1 single monitor, and requires identicle resolutions to work properly (it'll still work if they're different, but things will get out of porportion, and it'll just look crazy)

you can still have multiple monitors though, just dont set them up as eyefinity, the second monitor for non-gaming wont have much if any draw on resources, so you don't have to worry about needing more power

right now i have 1x 1360/768 and 1x1024/768 hooked up to my 7870 if you have any questions

A friend of mine runs a 7750 with twin monitors. both at 1080p