Best Gpu for $400

It can go over a little but not much maybe like $20. Used for gaming only.

I am debating on a gtx 770 or a msi r9 280x

You are probably best off getting a gtx 770 with a nice cooler for like 330 or waiting for aftermarket r9 290s to come out and for the price to come back down on amd cards. I have no idea when that will be though.

I am not  too much of a pro at card but I been researching and GPUBOSS has been very helpful.

for about 200 more you get 10 extra frames :l 

however if you do not like nivida these cards cost the same and are identical just about.



so would this card be good or get a 2gb one-

Go 770.  The AMD cards are way too overpriced right now.  I wonder if AMD didn't manufacture enough cards on purpose to drive up the costs.

It depends on your needs. They perform similarly, but the 280x would be better for Skyrim mods. If you're not interested in modding, then just grab whatever is cheapest.

Merry Christmas!

but if i get a 4gb 770 will that be better than the 280x 

2gb is fine. from what ive seen only in some rare ultra high res sli situations would a 770 or 760 benefit from the extra ram.