Best gpu for $300?

whats the best gpu i can get right now for max 300 dollars? thanks

R9-280X ☺

I am using a gtx 760 2gb and my cpu is a i7 4770k and I can run most things on high / ultra 1080p. 

I can't be sure this is the best card for you but it is a higher spec than my one so should be great



I like Gigabyte personally but I know a lot of people like the EVGA parts

I have never used a card by these guys but if you go over your budget slightly you could get a gtx 770

No just go with the R9 280x, it performs more like a 770 to 780 than a 760. the guy above me is definitely biased towards Nvidia. I OWN a 770 so i can tell you that the 280x beats it if all the benchmarks I've seen on it are true. It definitely compete's well against my 770. 

I am not biased at all. I stated I was not sure if it was the best, I was just passing on my experience from the card I got with my system. I have only just got back into pc gaming with a pre built machine and the gtx 760 in it has performed really well. If the r9 280x is better they should buy that one

As soon as I can afford to upgrade I am looking at the R9 290.  

Goodluck finding one. Sold out everywhere. 

Once you get one, 280x is a boss in my opinion and has excellent price to performance ratio.

you can pre order one, otherwise the XFX black edition, or the gigabyte windforce are availeble, on newegg.

I had a R9 280x.... just watch for it to be in stock.  I don't think there is a better card for the budget you are working with!  I just ordered 2 more of the Gigabyte Windforce R.2 from Newegg a couple nights ago, just have to be ready to buy when it pops up in stock.

At $300 I would go with a 280X. I got lucky enough to snag some last week the few times I found them in stock. Since then it seems the prices have risen and they cannot be found anywhere I have looked unless you're lurking the e-tailers and refreshing the pages all day long for them to be back in-stock lol.. I'm not sure if it's because of miners or because those are the prices for the new XTL chips that will be replacing the current XT2's.