Best gaming mouse around $50

I'm looking for a mouse for general use as well as gaming, it will be also used for cad but that doesn't really make a difference, i would like an optical sensor as i don't like the acceleration issues that i'm having with my laser mouse at the moment. I'm currently only using a 1000dpi sensor but i will be able to easily adjust. 

I've been looking at the mionix naos 3200

but i'm not really confident in my mouse shopping, any suggestions?

If you have a claw-grip or a fingertip grip, I'd recommend the CM Xornet. I love the mouse - it's plug n play, has a 2000 DPI sensor, no acceleration issues (optical LED), and the on-the-fly DPI switching comes in handy from gaming to web-browsing. Also dirt cheap. Great reviews as well, with the vast majority being 5 stars.

what would you recommend for someone who's grip is in between a claw grip and a palm grip?


Personally my favorite for gaming. I own both the M65(for gaming at my house) and the logitec g700s(for productivity at work) and i think the m65 has great ergonomics. Im a bit of a loose palm grip, so i think if your leaning towards that its good for you.

I have the mionix naos 3200. I really like it. Not extremely sensitive, very useable with good precision. Rubberised feel. Good shape. I do use a claw grip and it is perfect for me. My hands are quite long but not big.

The cable is braided and quite long. You don't need to install any specific software, unless you want to mess with the LEDs. I just have it plugged in with no software.

The mouse could be longer, and if you are used to heavy mice this is on the light side. May not effect you but one thing that annoyed me was my little finger was always low on the side and dragged on the surface slowing down my movement speed. I solved it with a thin piece of card. 

I really like the mouse.

I own a Naos 8200 (got it on sale for $60). Same exact shape, but I think it's laser versus optical. I have somewhat big hands and prefer palm grip and I LOVE this mouse to death. Although the Func MS-3 seems like the absolute perfect palm grip mouse on the market...if you can find it....

Anyway, you can't go wrong with the Naos 3200. Mionix makes solid products.

ok thanks i think ill go with the mionix then

Ive had a mx 518, an old 1600dpi deathadder, and a naos 3200. The naos 3200 was both the most comfortable of them and the only one I was not satisfied with. It was the shortest lived (mm  button failed) of the three and the lift off distance was poor ( a lot of naos 3200 owners put clear tape over the sensor to rectify this).