Best gaming laptop around $1k

What is the best gaming laptop around $1k?

I’ll be using it for college, CAD software, and plenty of gaming (basically every popular multiplayer game since I’ll probably be doing lan parties with it). The biggest thing Im looking for other than it being able to run games good is if it can have at least a 1440p screen. Ray tracing capable graphics card would be a nice plus but from what I’ve found there’s only a few of those around that price.

Doing my own research as well, figured I’d ask the average Joe’s opinion as well to go off of when deciding.


After looking around for a few hours I’m almost certain I’m getting the asus rog zephyrus g14

Let me know if there’s a better laptop for my uses at a similar price if there is.

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As I am a game lover and play different high consuming game daily. My laptop god stuck and creates issue while streaming like lagging and turning off during the games. What you suggest is a good gaming laptop that is enough powerful for the smooth streaming. I will be very thankful to you for your suggestions