Best gamepad/controller to use on the PC?

I'm looking for a nice gamepad to use for games like rogue legacy, dark souls, super meat boy, etc. I'm playing all of them with M/K at the moment, which can be quite frustrating.

I already tried using my PS3 pad, but couldn't get the motionjoy drivers to work properly. I also don't really want an Xbox 360 pad, because of the horrible D-Pad. I was also considering the PS4 pad, since it is now officially supported on the PC, but many reviews stated that it does not work properly for many PC games yet.

So, what are some good, precise gamepads for the PC? I really want a plug and play solution and not have to worry about driver issues and compatibility with the game tbh. Good, prefferably tactile directional buttons for 2D games are also a must and Playstation-like layout would be nice. I'm really thankful for your input since I couldn't find anything that really suits my needs.


use Playstation 2 pad with $6/£6 usb adaptor from amazon or some shit, it will be plug and play on win7+, that's what i use on older games, you could always get the a logitech f310 but be warned the cable is rather short  (pic )

The best in terms of games supporting it would probably be the 360 controller though. Unless you like messing around with settings and configs and remappings and whatnot.

I'm not sure what you mean by "the horrible dpad"? Seems like any other dpad to me except that there stick and dpad have switched positions compared to the PS controller I was most used to.

The best in terms of games supporting it would probably be the 360 controller though


but many reviews stated that it does not work properly for many PC games yet.


Erm... It doesn't matter for games whatsoever what is the model of the gamepad as long as it supports Xinput.

I finally got the PS3 controller to work, emulating the 360 controller on it seemed to work pretty good for the games that have gamepad support. I just had a problem with rogue legacy, it glitched out all the time, making me invincible and letting me dash non stop. I hope it's not the controller that caused this? Couldn't find anything about this glitch, but I also haven't played that game in months. Not sure.

@NhaMeh: The Dpad on the 360 controller is just horrible because it feels totally spongy, has absolutely no feedback when the button is pushed or at which angle you switch from Up to Right etc. I know that many people have just gotten used to it, but if you compare fighting games on the Xbox 360 to fighting games on the PS3 you will immediately feel the difference.

I'm using this exact controller.

It's a knock-off wired 360 controller. Just plug it in and it works. 

I never use the dpad so I can't comment on that part of it, but it is a very well-made controller for the price.

That's why there's software emulating (or whatever other tricks) the 360, because that's not the most supported one? And if your controller does have xinput and does work with the game, but happens to have a different buttonlayout than the 360, what then? Let's say it's more like a PS controller, is the left stick still the left stick or does the PS dpad take the controls the 360 left stick would have? Because that doesn't seem like a very good deal in some games.

I don't know, but the fake ps3 controller I had didn't work on a single game of the -admittedly- few that I tried except for Burnout after remapping a bit. It's a fake one and I couldn't even find a driver for that specific version, but still. From what I could find, pretty much the only Xinput devices are the 360, its clones (possibly not all of them? not sure oO), and some logitech thing. Doesn't seem like an extensive list. I'd be interested to see a fuller list if there is one.

The dpad acting like a stick seems to feel like it indeed, I just thought it was a bit twitchy since it seemed to be a 8-directional pad that just was a bit sensitive, heh. I just got tired of the fake ps3 controller not working so I got something I knew worked on all the games I wanted it to work since all of those games have only the freaking xbox layout configs in their menus ^^ (which is basically the inspiration for saying that it's probably the "most supported" one in games).

Has anyone used the steam controller?