Best free software for getting game play footage?

With E3 and all the hype around games I got to thinking and talking with some friends. Now I'm considering a youtube series that basically reviews games after the hype has died down, 1-3 or so years after release to see how its holding up and if its hype helped or hurt it at release. Thing is I'm out of work right now, so I don't have much money for recording software. Got a decent system though so theres that. 


Any recommendations? 

Open Broadcasting Software (a.k.a OBS) has built-in recording and streaming. If you have an Nvidia video card or a second monitor that is powered by your Intel Sandy Bridge or better integrated GPU, you can use NVENC or Intel Quick Sync so you don't take a massive dive on FPS. OBS also has plug-ins too. I would totally recommend it over anything else.

If you have an Nvidia GPU ShaddowPlay is really good.

I would like to second shadow play it's my favorite. My friends can't tell the difference between shadow play at max bitrate and fraps

He has a 7950 guys... so shadow play isnt going to work....

And anything is free if its software 0_o

Got a 7950 so no nvidia shadow play, and my p67 motherboard doesn't support the igp on my 2500k.  I'll look in to OBS and maybe xsplit I guess. Any other recommendations? 

OBS for sure. It's free and has a ton of options. Plus its records real small file sizes compared to fraps. Like Extremely small compared to farps. But still has the quality. 

the one thing bundled with teamspeak includes it. i forget what it is called though. i think it is called overwolf. it allows for video recording, ingame skype calls and much more.


sounds like OBS or overwolf is what I want then. Can't wait to get started, may post the first one here if anyone wants to see it.


EDIT: looks like overwolf is more for multiplayer stuff, which eh I'm not streaming so that wont matter to me.  I will keep it in mind for when I want to play with friend and skype though