Best free office software?

just what is some good alternative to Microsoft Office?

Libre Office

Kingsoft Office... on all platforms, more usable than MS-Office (it's like the good old MS-Office 2003 pretty much), and compatible with everything. It's called differently now because it's now directly subsidized by the Chinese state and promoted as a better alternative for MS-Office. It's not open source, just conditional freeware. It has very good software support, much better than anything Microsoft has ever done, it's maintained in pretty much the same way as a major linux distro, with fast immediate updates if anything important pops up etc...

On open source platforms: LibreOffice, because it can deliver the higher graphical quality requirements of linux systems with regards to fonts and stuff. It also has OpenCL integration for very large spreadsheets for instance, it's a bit of a weird project sometimes, but the product has always been very stable and usable and compatible.

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I am somewhat wary of every Chinese software, that is not open source... If you don't care about open-source why not using Google Docs? After their acquisition of QuickOffice they have quite a nice MS format support. If you don't want spyware, try Libre or OpenOffice. I honestly don't see much a of difference between them.

Libreoffice is very good. Obviously it supports the Open Document Format, which it supports better than the proprietary formats from Microsoft, but MS office also support ODF so you can easily do work in ODF even if its intended for people on MS office.

Edit: probably should mention other open alternatives.

Calligra suite, is a suite of office applications like libreoffice, build on qt and kde libraries, thats where Krita comes from if youve heard of it. The whole suite doesnt have as many developers behind it than libreoffice but its generally quite good. 

Another is Abiword, its a word processor, lots of people like it.

Well... apart from google services (which is scary in it's own right) and Steam, I don't use any American proprietary software.

I use:

  • LibreOffice for desktop.
  • Kingsoft for Android.

Although I do have to use MS-Office at work for Excel.

Ubuntu with online scopes disabled, Gimp, Darktable, Shotwell, NetBeans, Wine, Firefox, Pidgin, Audacity, LibreOffice, Steam, Skyrim in Wine...

I personally really enjoy using calligra suite. I really like the UI and UX of the software. It has ODF support as well as .doc and .docx.

Calligra is very nice to use and getting better with every release.

Although Calligra looks a little nicer than LibreOffice I primarily use the latter at university as it is a little more stable and has (at the time) more ODF features implemented.



Personally i use open office, never let me down yet

Libre Office is always a good bet for basic Office type needs.

Yes yes I know you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, but if it's just due to the cost. Most people don't realize is FREE. All the basic functionality of Microsoft Office is available online for FREE at This has met the needs of nearly all of my customers who don't wish to pay for Office and don't like me installing LibreOffice on their systems. Yes you can download your documents to your local drive, and you aren't required to use OneDrive. You can link it to your drop box account, which runs very well on linux. I know everyone hates Microsoft Office, but it's hard to complain when its available for FREE online.