Best free music cover finder

I'm not sure where to put this thread so if need be move me to the right place. I just wanted to know if there was a good program that will find the covers for my music and embed them in the mp3 file. All of the information on my music files are correct to the best of my knowledge but some of the files have the cover from another and It is kind of annoying me.

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If you use Foobar2000 use this. I use it and it works pretty good :D

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it depends what music player you're using. iTunes has one built in. and Foobar has a component you can install so it does it. as shown in the comment above this. however, these things aren't perfect. and the cover art the component can't or won't find you will have to put in the cover art manually.

I use Winamp for my music.

There was actually a built in Album Art finder in Winamp but it was removed due to Licensing agreements. also according to many it was a massive turd. (It barely worked). a lot of people have been complaining about it for years. instead of it being removed they just wanted it fixed. but the licensing issues messed all that up.

If you're using WinAMP you're going to have to install your Album art manually.

if you desperately need that function you're better off using Foobar. it has loads of customization and you can install any plugin you want. iPod support, album art finder, the whole nine yards.

I've been looking for a good android music library for a while. Ill try Foobar.

It's not on Android. I thought you were talking about a PC music player. Foobar is strictly on Windows.. on Android there's a bunch you can try. Look at DoubleTwist. (there's a free version but you're going to have to pay for it if you want all the good features.. which sucks). in all honesty you're not going to find a good free music player unless you buy it. and "Shuttle Music Player" is another good one. I had another one but i forgot what it's called. but the good thing about it was that it would organize your music libary by "Album Artist" which was a massive godsend if you're like me who owns a lot of compilation albums.

what I meant was Something like Itunes that is on the computer but is meant for android, Or just works

oh there isn't. DoubleTwist does have a stand alone app on Windows. I've never used it. but I'm going to assume it's a music player that syncs with the Music player App on Android. but if you're looking at an actual music player for Windows definitely consider Foobar. it's really good.

This is how Foobar can look. (I customized this one myself)

please tell me how you did that. I couldnt figure out how to make it look more like winamp. which is like this.

Logan has a video on Foobar.

I just took some of the stuff he mentioned in this video and went off on my own. lol

This is what I use, love it.

literally just started watching that

Is there a way to make all this white space black? and also in the top right corner I want to put a space where I can see the next couple songs and also the ones I just played like in winamp. is there a way to do this?

all the white stuff all over the player. sadly no. it urks me as well. but i just customized the colors of the player so it would at least match it or at least not make me notice it.

the original picture i put up the text colors are blue, but i set the text gray, the background color black so it would at least match the whiteness of the player.

and the top right tile?

In that picture. all the toolbars and menus colors cannot be changed.

are all the tagger components automated or do I have to do something to start them?