Best Energy Efficient parts?

Hello, I have just bought the EVGA GTX 680 Classified ( 4GB ), I am wondering what PSU and what Motherboard to get to save me on the electricity bills. ( If there is other parts that would take some £'s of the electricity tell me :D ) 

This will be my work station and gaming rig so it will be on all the time when I get back from college so you can now see why I need efficient parts :P

My current CPU is the i7-2600... would it be worth getting the newest i5 K series and over clocking it to 4.0Ghz or maybe even more with the h100i cooler?? ... ( I know if you overclock it draws more electricity, but I could compromise ) 

All suggestions are welcome.


-thanks in advance.

First of all, don't get a new CPU.

Secondly, if you only want to power that one 680, get a Seasonic G 360; it will be the most efficient PSU you can possibly get for your system. 80+ Gold with no wasted potential.

Finally, use your 680 to Fold. I get around 55k to 65k PPD on a good day, 45k on a bad day. You can churn out some WUs like nothing with 680s, even though the 780s and Titans rape us.

I am pretty new into PC Hardware and the terms used.. Explain "use your 680 to Fold" and what is WUs ?? 

And I will have a look at that PSU thanks! :)

[email protected] is a program started by Stanford for distributed computing. You essentially donate your CPU and GPU processing time via a networked client to fold proteins for research into various diseases, such as varieties of cancer, Alzheimers, and such. The projects you fold for are distributed in WUs, or Work Units. There are "good ones" and "bad ones" in terms of PPD, or points per day, which is how you rate the speed at which you are Folding. It is charity for science that costs you nothing to do.

Please, come help the human race :)

Are you sure the Seasonic G 360 will be enough for x2 hard drives ?? ( I ordered a 1TB Western Caviar Black to store video footage on to edit )

I was thinking of putting my OS on a SSD for fast boot speeds and maybe another for my games.. so 2 SSD's and 1 Hard drive.. would it manage??

-thanks in advance.

p.s sorry for double post 

Yes, the G 360 is more than capable of two HDDs, a 680, and 2700k. If you wanted room for some more serious overclocking, or 10 more HDDs, then you could get the G 450, but the G 360 is enough.

I will look into that, thanks again.

You cant be serious about the G360??? 30amps on the 12v rail to power a 680....  plus it only has a single 6pin pcie cable. So one would need to run the card of molex connectors.

The minimum psu requirements stated by evga, gigabyte, zotac etc is 38amps and 550w, now I know the 550w part is a stretch but the 38amps part is 100% on the money. Not enough and there is always the chance that the pc wont even boot, plus everything else that goes with under-powering a gpu - freezing, random shutdowns etc.

The G450 would be the absolute bare minimum one should go. At least the card wont be run off molex connectors.

The power consumption estimates are outrageous. A single 680 will be fine on 360W. Amperage-wise, 30 is plenty. Wattage is amperage * voltage, so, if the card never exceeds 250W power consumption, and, operating at 12V, some simple math shows you that 250 / 12 < 30.

I am getting confused. Will this 360W PSU work? I have ordered it but are you certain it will work because I know it's only £50 but it would be a hassle for me when it arrives and I find out I should of ordered the one about for the extra £20. I am new to setting up computers as well so working some electrical engineering miracle to connect all the cables in the back might over whelm me. Brennanriddell, if It's not to much trouble could you post a picture of your cable management so I have an idea where everything goes?? This will be the first time I've dissembled my PC.

-thanks in advance guys, much appreciated