Best encryption and stock android

What is the best encryption for android 4.3. also could someone link me to a guide on how to remove Samsung's version of android and put stock android on my galaxy s3?

I'd google both of those, since you'll probably find an answer.  Try XDA if google is too broad.

Well i asked on the forum to get answers i am more inclined to trust then a random website. That's kinda the whole point of having a forum to ask questions on. 


XDA isn't a random website, if anything it's the first place to look for anything dealing with modding or doing anything non-stock with android.  They typically have better, more specialized support and more often than not (especially with flagship phones) have plenty of guides.  I wouldn't recommend trying stock as a quick google search showed that there are only a few ways and none seemed too "trustworthy".  If I were you I'd just flash a custom rom (cyanogen, etc.) and be done with it.  Make sure you know what you're doing and look at more than one site though, or follow an official guide on a XDA development thread, so you dont mess your phone up.

Link 1 (doesn't look easy)

Link 2 (problem solved, third link is xda)