Best ear phones for around $50 USD ( Not Headphones )

im looking for a solid pair of ear phones because my last ones broke. Any options will be appreciated.


These are on sale right now. It's a bit more than what you are looking for, but it's worth it.

I have the previous model (CX 300 Precision II) and they sound really good and they're build like a tank.

I wouldn't recommend these earphones unless if you are a Bass Head who likes listening to Dubstep, Heavy Electronic that kind of music. I personally own these was an impulse buy since I wanted better earphones from my Philips SHE3900. Comparing the two the Phillips were more of my liking in terms of sound signature that it had better mids and the highs were more than 3.00 but it had a slight tinniness to them and there was a lack of base. As for the CX 3.00 the base was too much and the mids and high was held back and only the lower mids stood out where as the Philips had a less emphasis on the lower mids and had a more clearer mids than the CX 3.00. These are just my 2 cents and I am not an Audio Enthusiast.

I bought these awhile back and i wear them to listen to music when i go to bed. They're so comfy I often fall asleep with them on. I find them kind of weak on the treble side after some use but for $50 IEM i'm pretty happy with them.