Best CPU Waterblock

My first watercooling bulid is cooming up and i still haven't decided on a cpu waterblock. I fiquered it would be easyer to find out the best without fan boyism on the fourms. Money is honestly no problume as long as it's not over $190.

Thank you 

I hear EK has some really nice ones It seems like a lot of people use them for custom loops.

The XSPC ones are pretty cheap. Perform good with the raystorm being 1-2c better than the Rasa

The Swiftech Apogee HD is very nice looking.

The EK's are good, but depends if you like the styling of them.

They all perform pretty damn similar to each other, tbh (with my experience from the Swiftech and XSPC blocks) you'll find more thermal performance difference between the thermal compound you use :P

Then what whould you suggest for thermal combond or should i ask google

Thank you

Use the SXPC Razor, its withing a degree or two of the other blocks but its very low resistance better than most of the other blocks actually, and for thermal Compound there are dozens to choose prom, but MX4 or IC diamond 7 would be a good place to start, i personally like Phobya hegrease because it performs well even with less contact.

+1 to MX-4