Best CPU for R9 270x

Hello Everybody. I'm very new to PC gaming.I recently procured a R9 270x for $100 on Ebay. I was wondering With a budget of sub $300, would it be best to go with a build like this:

or something like this:

Please don't be mean about my pick for parts. I'm very new to building a gaming PC's. Please help.

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860k CPU and You'll be pretty set, though if you really wanted the ITX build it'd be a bit out of your budget, could always just go micro ATX though.

The AMD build you have there is a low power part not really fit for gaming though I believe it actually does a fair job at 1080p

I just got a deal on an i3 2120 and an Asus lga 1155 motherboard. Is this better than the Pentium?

Try this even though its a couple dollars more than the budget you need I'm sure you can find it.

How much is for the i3 2120 and the motherboard?]PCPartPicker 860k all the way for budget gaming.
g3258 is more meant for web browsing and text documents not gaming. The 5350 is meant for home server.

I would definitely reccomend the i3 you picked out over a pentium or an 860k.

I'm honestly surprised at people reccomending the 860k, both the 860k and g3258 friggen suck at gaming compared to an i3, and that's going to be noticeable on 750Ti let alone a 270x.