Best Cooler for the Thermaltake Commander MS-I?

I built this computer in december, but i've been using the AMD stock fan and would really like a better heatsink&fan setup, and I was also hoping for some form of water cooling, but this case is abysmally small. I cant even fit any extra fans on the top because my ram is too close to the edge of the board. I did try and check if I could get a Hyper 212Evo, but its too big, same as the pro. Budget is around $50-60, cheaper is better. Thanks!

a hyper 212 fits with room to spare, but at that price i'd recommend a xigmatek dark knight

Hey thanks, when I was looking at the snow version on the thermal take site, i couldnt find the maximum size for cpu coolers, and wherever i was looking when just googling the answers everyone was hating on the hyper 212 and evo

it's 17cm

also for water I think I did the math and a h100 (newegg has refurbs cheap) should fit in the top, might need to mount the fans externally on the top of the case though. do not hold me to this 100%