Best cooler for my I7 2700k

I want to overclock the hell out of my i7 2700k am looking at the new H100i and h80i. I am not sure a h100i will fit in my case but is their any better options than the new water kits from corsair.\

Note I have a Corsair 200r Case.


not from corsair, but look at the NZXT kraken x80

Noctua NH-D14( awesome air cooler which can fit in your case), CM TPC 812( not sure if it will fit), the H100i looks like it can fit your case.

Repost 6 times? thanks for the suggestions. Plan on overclocking My cpu in the future since I went sandy bridge.

I have the Cooler Master 612PWM and it keeps my i7 2600k at 4.2 around 60-65 under full load so it's pretty good- huge though.

If you want to go extreme try peltier

Yeah, sorry bout that. The Tek site is hard to use on my Android tab

I just remembered a friend of mine who overclocked his 2600K with an H100 to 5.0Ghz with a 1.46 voltage.