Best controller for playing retro games on pc

just wondering if you guys ahve any reccomendations. I have been using a gamestop branded xbox 360 controller and despise the way it works. have been looking into getting a ps3 controller and wiring it up but am not quite sure yet. I play mostly gamecube. gba, nes, playstation 1,2.

Thanks, Computerg767


any others cause i can't find one thats actually at a canada store close to me

its not even available anymore according to newegg

a little pricey 97 dollars plus shipping

dual shock 3 or sixaxis 3 (playstation 3 controller)

well now thats better and whats this Xinput your talking about?

sixaxis 3 with motion joy.

you can select xbox xinput mode so the sixaxis emulates the xbox controller it works good

well thanks for the help i know what i am buying with my next pay check

It really depends on what kinds of games you're playing. For most games, the Xbox 360 controller is going to be great. It's probably one of the best controllers ever made, imo. The only problem with it is its D-pad, which means it's not necessarily going to be that great for fighting games and side scrollers.

For fighting games, I'd definitely recommend a PS3 controller. It would work for side scrollers as well, but you can find some super nintendo controllers made for PC if you look around.

yes you do with motion joy

i use a logitech f310 and a wired 360 remote depending on the game im playing/ system im emulating.

i also have a logitech g 13. my f310 was fairly cheep and works well with ps1 and ps2 as well as nes and snes.  it is a little big but even with small hands like mine its not massive.

+1 To this, DS3 controller for PC is an excellent choice, and you can emulate a 360 controller with DS3Tool.

If you have a xbox 360 controller get a cheap reciever from ebay £4.00