Best Computer media player

Basically I am sick of iTunes.

I will list my needs then my wants out of a media player.


Support codec packs

Be able to Browse by folders.

High quality and robustness of options

Able to rate music


Low overhead

Able to playback video

Sync with an android app (Asking for allot, I know, but would be epic)

Support live stream audio such as WZMR/Radio Hyrule (Same thing)

Minimize to system tray

Widget on tray


Anything else is cherry on top I think.

Even if it does not meet these, suggest what you use please.



FooBar might be the way to go for music and VLC for video. To sync your music, just drag n drop

I'll stick with MPC-HC if I have to use a separate player for video. But I'll check out FooBar, Thanks.

Okay, I'm in love and I havn't even played anything, The settings are amazing! :D

You won't find anything better for video than MPC-HC.

As for foobar, as long as you can be bothered to set it up, it's generally the best you can get.

I persobally use AIMP because I prefer small players.