Best color accurate monitor for under $500?

Can I have some recommendations for a monitor that will be used for color sensitive applications? I am currently looking at this

So one thing to note beforehand is that you're likely thinking of color gamut, not accuracy. Accuracy is achieved through a spectrophotometer or colorimeter to create profiles for the monitor, which depending on the school of thought followed will need to be recalibrated every month, every week, or obsessively.

With regards to recommendations it would be helpful to know what your intents are. Are you doing photography which you plan to sell prints of? Are you an illustrator with a wide color pallet? Editing video shot on location? For example the ASUS monitor you mentioned isn't too bad. While its tragically advertised as 100% sRGB we find out from the testing at TFTCentral that it is able to produce 16.7 million colors. In short this monitor is standard gamut and wouldn't be as helpful in applications such as editing 16-bit photography but may be suitable for work such as 8-bit illustration or editing video from consumer grade products. If you attempted to work with an colors larger than 8-bit you would likely see banding rather than gradation and have to wing it by the numbers.

I am planning on using this monitor for illustrations, digital paintings. Thus yes, it would make sense for me to have the widest color gamut possible.

I am currently going to art school. I am using a Asus VN248H-P

I don't have a complaint against this monitor, but I have never seen a $3000 Industry monitor to compare the color gamut. Ignorance is bliss.

I am using a $150 ish asus monitor right now, makes no sense to upgrade to that. The problem I am currently seeing is that what I see on my own display is not what I see on others phones, tablets, etc and the difference is still quite drastic after trying to calibrate it. Also discounting that the blacks on my display are dark greyish purple. So if is not the monitor I posted , what else can I get in the $500 price range. I am asking for is good color and contrast, preferably 1440p.


That was fixed on the 2014 version with the ips, the older pls version had that issue btw.