Best cheap and RELIABLE SSD

Just needs to be at least 60GB it is just for windows and a few programs (Chrome, Photosop, VLC, Utorrent, Basic programs, No games). No more then 9.5MM thick (If there are even any thicker then that) as it is going in my laptop. Looking to spend about $100. I have been looking at the Samsung 840 (None Pro) but i just want a few more ideas. Thanks

Well, the best value reliable SSDs in the price range are the 120GB Samsung 840 and the 128GB Plextor M5S.  There are plenty of decent 60-64GB SSD's out there, but you end up paying significantly more per GB. I've used both SSDs, but I can't make any direct comparisons since I didn't bench the Plextor, didn't have them at the same time, nor were they even running the same system (Plextor ran Windows, Samsung ran Linux). However, suffice to say, both are exceptionally fast, and I was very pleased with both of them. You can't go wrong with either. I personally lean a little towards the Plextor since it's built on same Marvell controller that gave the tried and true Curcial M4 it's legendary reliability.

The Samsung 840 seems like the prominent choice personally, but like jerm said, they're alot of decent SSD's out there, and most are a $1 per GB roughly, but it depends.

In order of reliability from what I've read:

Stellar: Plextor (US), Crucial, Intel

Mixed bag: Samsung, Kingston, Corsair

Shite: OCZ (esp. Agility), Patriot (US), Transcend (US)

This is my own opinion so don't be butthurt. Kthnxbye

Intel,Samsung and Crucial are the most reliable out of the SSD makers, but i wouldnt worry about reliability so much as SSD's are much more reliable than HDD's