Best <CFM White 120mm or (preferably) 140mm Case Fan?

Title says it all really. Haven't built a PC in a few years (besides the one for my nephew, which was just a gutted version of my old PC) and now, looking at case fans, I guess I'm a bit confused at some of the newer ones that have entered the market the past few years. I'm aware Noctua seems to be the popular recommendation for the best balance of RPM and CFM, but noise for me is less of a concern. JayzTwoCents suggested EK Vardar f4s back in 2015, giving them rather happy praise for their static pressure. I was also looking at the BitFenix Spectre Pro PWM 140mm Case Fan BFF-SPRO-P14025WW-RP White. Though again, I've sort of been out of the loop, and would love some thoughts or suggestions.

So ya, noise is less of a concern for me if it comes down to getting better airflow, etc. My only requirement is that they're white. Preferably all white. Leds are great if they have them, but it's in the 'cool if it does, but don't care if it doesn't' category.

Whatever case fans I'll be using, they won't (most likely, unless my budget gets twice as big) be used with a radiator, and they'll be put in a Fractal Design R5. So ya, any suggestions would be grand. Thanks in advance.

these seem to fit the bill of what you want and performance-pcs has them for 12.95
I honestly think any fans will work as long as you set up your balance with your fans.

If you don't mind a black frame (and higher airflow than the Bitfenix),

Fractal case and Fractal fans? I know you don't care about noise, but these are a nice balance of airflow and noise:

The first two will have high airflow, and the third balances airflow and noise. Also, coupons:

Absolutely ridiculous airflow, but will be LOUD:

ooo! Those are certainly some interesting choices. This might be a slightly more interesting choice than I thought.