Best case for taking along on LAN Parties?

Hey people, i'm just about to build a LAN PC, with leftover parts i have laying i around. Currently i have the CM storm Trooper for my main rig, which is a pain to take along for LAN parties. Which case would you recommend? I would prefer, Micro-ATX but Mini-ITX can go, ATX is not an option. My budget is at the max $100. It dosen't have to support water cooling at all, however it has to fit a fairly long graphics card. Corsair Air 240, and 380T are not options. Thanks in advance! :)

Lian Li PC-TU100 case

$97 online,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.74649129,d.cGE,pv.xjs.s.en_US.ZIOukfQmgko.O&tch=1&ech=1&psi=_d8NVO7FPOrGiwK37IDQDA.1410195456803.5&ei=GOANVNnoPKHQiwK_wIDAAw&ved=0CIEEEKYrMAE

Pretty. Case isn't bad either.

Cooler Master Storm Scout if it can fits the longs graphics card or the Bitfenix Prodigy I suspect that these two case will ease the pain of lugging it around to places.

I would suggest prodigy, but the M version, that supports mATX boards.

I have been untested in a smaller M-ATX case and the Aerocool Dead Silencr caught my eye but there is no windowed version anywhere and I am not too fond of cutting metal.  

EDIT: Here is a proper link to the case: LINK

I use the Node 304 and it's incredible, so compact, yet so much space. It seems impossible. It's great looking too.

cooler master storm styker (if you want looks and great lan case)


The Cooler Master Elite 130 is the smallest case with no compromises (can fit full size graphics card).

New corsair graphite 380t...380t

Silverstone RVZ01 / ML07

Cooltek U3  |  Rosewill Legacy U3  |  Jonsbo U3

Silverstone SG05/SG06

Silverstone SG03/SG04


... and this thingy

Corsair Air 240, and 380T are not options



oops! I am such a moron...

I think 380T is a nice case but i was quoting NotKimJongUn for a second ^^"

i know :P

that is basically a white storm trooper..

my friend has that case. It's big and heavy. But it is very solid and has a handle. If you don't mind the size it's a very good case