Best case for LAN party?

Hello friends, I'm in the market for a new case potentially next month to make going to lan parties easier. I have a Micro ATX motherboard and was maybe gonna upgrade to ATX but if the case is nice enough I'll keep micro. I just want something easier to carry and lighter than a mid tower. This is only an optional upgrade for me because I want to upgrade graphics and hard drive as well so the cheaper the better, I'll look into any recommendations though. Thanks for reading.

CM Storm scout 2's pretty boss or a corsair c70 they both got handles

NZXT Vulcan's pretty good option.

Wow that cooler master looks awesome!

This looks appealing as well because its a lot shorter than my current case.

This is quite late but the Lian Li tu200 is a great case, it is a mini itx case though

there is also the prodigy, but that's ITX ...

NZXT Vulcan Black MicroATX Mid Tower Case


Surprised nobody has mentioned the Bitfenix Prodigy yet. This is a very popular case and looks fabulous.


Yeah but not the best handles. In my opinion atleast.

Prodigy is also a Mini ITX case, this guy currently has a micro ATX motherboard.

Me myself using this case, and yes its really help alot in moving it around.

not to mention it look stylish too :D

Case Labs TH10-D. It is large enough to put an internal combustion engine, and drive it to the LAN parties.

Have a look at Cooler Master HAF XB