Best Case $50 or Less

Working on a budget and am searching for a case $50 or less.

Rosewill Challenger is what I've come down to. Are there any better values?

FYI, I plan on overclocking an i5 3570k and using a Radeon 7870. So a big GPU slot and excellent ventilation is necessary. I can't go over $50.

nzxt source and their other budget cases

CM Haf 912

Zalman Z11

Both are above my budget. The NZXT budget cases are nice but the Rosewill is within a few dollars and seems to be a better value with three fans.

Corsair 300R, Corsair 200R. Bitfenix Shinobi.

The Cooler Master 912 is 10 bucks more but well worth saving up for.

challenger's the best for the money... not a sponsor.

I use the Enermax ostrog its quite nice odd and hdd is toolless its got usb 3.0 holds up to 7 120mm fans, 5 hdd, 4 5.25 and one 3.5 psu on the bottom and it looks the part too unfortunatly only comes with one fan or if not this one the Zalman Z9 it was the other case i thought of buying insted of this one

I got the NZXT Source 210 for like $40. Comes with one 120mm fan in the rear for exhaust. You could always go with a $30 case and get a coolermaster 4-pack of 120mm fans for $20.