Best card for 1024x768

This is a very silly resolution, but I have very bad eyesight, and its just right for me. I've found that inferior cards do a lot better of a job on this resolution. What would be a good one?

what things will u be doing on ur pc?


Well for such a low rez, i'd grab a gtx 460 1gb, or gtx 560, or 6870. anything higher would just be a waste..

You should look into getting a 27+ inch monitor/TV if you can afford it.

as for a recommendation i would say a 5770 or a gtx 460 756 mb (roughly twice the performance) for like 25 bucks more

I was thinking of going with the HIS 5750 1GB.

I'm current;y running a 4670. Runs all my games at a decent screen res. It should be up to the task. Though It's only a DX 10.1 capable card