Best Build a PC

I need more help guys ,


Today I found out I had to lend out $200, so I only have $300 in my account. And yesterday bestbuy told me that they would only give me $1200 store(and online) credit for my faulty G74sx BBK8(No more Nvidia Shield or eyefinity for me)

My goal is to build the most powerful PC under $1500

The problem is that $1200 must be from the Best Buy Online Store (Best Buy items only not Marketplace)

The other $300 can be from anywhere. (Anywhere Newegg, Ncix, Microcenter, Tigerdirect, etc)

Another problem is that Best Buy only carries Nvidia Graphics cards (most powerful amd is 7850)

I want to be able to run Metro Last Light with SSAA at over >35 fps on 1080p


My current gear besides the laptop

Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard

Razer Deathadder Mouse

LG IPS 236v 1080p monitor

Beyerdynamic DT770pro 80 ohm

Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers

Turtle Beach Earforce DSS 7.1 surround sound processor

Misc gear/parts:

Cooler Master Elite 343 uATX case

Turtle Beach x11

Logitech M510

NEC 17 inch montior

HP 17 inch monitor

Seagate 500 gb external 2.5 HDD

WD blue 320gb 2.5 HDD



video card




this is pretty good you could have some of the stuff ordered to the store for the gpu a gtx 670 would be a great video card or the i5 and i7 are good cpus as well

I was speaking with a Best Buy sales associate the other day when I was in there. He said Best Buy will price-match Newegg and Amazon. You should look into this and see if your location does this also. I don't know if this is a regional thing, or if all locations do that. It could very well save you alot of money though. 

If Best buy could price match microcenter for cpus that would be awesome

and thanks for the info

They cannot be marketplace items btw though

Does anyone know when bestbuy will carry gtx 700 series gpus?