Best Browser for OSX 10.5?

I'm setting OSX back up on my macbook. I want to run 10.4, but the security is meh, 10.5 still gets security patches and is significantly more efficient on Pentium M's than 10.6 is (5 is a zippy mouse where 6 is a crawling dead thing).

So, I will need a browser. The OS is going to hold iWorks 9, a browser, and maybe solitaire. It won't be doing crazy shit that I would need 10.6.

So does anyone have an idea? My best go is Roccat.

But why
Its probably easier to hack insert linux distro onto it than it is to find a working browser for that thing.


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Yeah, thats true, but it only boots twice then it blows up the install. I would install libreboot but the website is an absolute clusterfuck and uninformative as fuck.

Or install Windows via Bootcamp huehue

10.5 is simply not worth it.

By all means try and find a Linux Distro to get to work on the machine if you still want to use it.
Getting any modern browsers beyond Chrome 21/FIrefox 37 is going to be a nightmare and generally perform really badly.

Trying to force a linux distro onto that thing should be easier than getting a browser that isn't a travesty nowadays.

Can confirm. I worked in a web & design agency a while back, they had me use a PowerMac G4 do develop a new web app... so, yeah that was fun.

I think I used Camino back then because it was the only thing still running on a PPC.

Aside from this I found that. And even though this is a list specifically for PowerPC, they should work on x86 too.

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I don't think you understamd what I am doing here. I don't need the newest os, and I don't need linux either. I need purely a browser. I don't want the app store nagging at me every time I boot the os, and I want the machine to run at anything higher than a dead raccoon. Linux runs like shit and doesn't have pages. 10.6.8 has pages, but runs like shit. 10.5.8 gets updates on the security side, has pages, and runs zippy quick on a core duo (pentium m). My goal here isn't the easy way, just what my options are.

Thats why i linked 'Links', its a terminal web browser, should be able to run on your potato.

Hmmm yeah I always forget seamonkey. Where firefox ditches a system someone at seamonkey never lets go 9-9 yeah that might work. I'll have to keep an eye out when I get atound to this later today.

Thought about it. Really hard actually.

Still am.

You always ask tough questions >.<

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If it was an easy question I wouldn't ask it :expressionless: if Its something workflow based I ask lounge, if its just a wat do I ask in general.

Most of your problems are because you want something modern on a sunset piece of tech.

But! We will always try to help you shoe-horn a solution.

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Doesn't even have to be modern tbh. It just needs to work enough for most web things to work. Youtube runs like trash on Pentium M's and most streaming services aren't worth the loading time. Just has to be effective.

Roccat is modern, yes, but it runs.... Sorta.

While I understand your motivation, the question is how long this is going to be the case. When they drop support for these old versions you're pretty much out of luck. Gotta be prepared for that case.

Maybe also start looking for alternatives to pages in general, though I know how tough this can be in a business :smiley:

Lol well this is a personal machine. For the writing that I do I really like pages, and even if support drops theres updated kernels for 10.4/5/6 because a lot of people still use them. 4 and 5 mostly, but plenty of 6, and mostly on PPC, but probably enough on intel.

I have always used safari... well and Mozilla firefox.