Best "Bass-heavy" headphones?

I'm in the market for a set headphones for a friend and he's a real bass freak. I want to get him a pair of headphones, as a late birthday present, that have the best bass possible without really sacrificing quality of mids and highs like those god awful Beats do. Anyone know of a good pair? Preferably cheaper than 60 USD.

For that budget, you don't have too much wiggle room, but a pair of Skull Candy Hesh cans will have plenty of bass.

LOL beats.

I just picked up some Sennheiser HD 558s and they're great all around. However a bit out of the price range you're looking at. See if there is anything from Sennheiser in that price range. I know any HD 5xx series are excellent.

Look, I love Sennheiser. I was rocking some HD 650s not too long ago, but those were just being "borrowed" from a friend while he was at bootcamp. However, for $60, I doubt anything Sennheiser makes will be noticably better than most other headphones in that range. For bass, however, if OP could swing it, or find a used pair, Audio Technica M50s are going to be a great choice.

I've seen a couple of friends with these but I never cared to try them, I'll look into them since they're on sale for $40, thanks! 

Slightly unrelated, but I'd like to mention that I just purchased an Audio Technica AT2020 microphone and I can definately attest for the build quality of this companies product for the price point. However haven't tried the headphones.

I'm actually buying a pair of MTH-M50s for myself since right now I only have my Munitio Billets which I believe are very good but not up to par with the premium overall sound quality of the M50s. I would buy him a pair of M30's but again, he prefers bass over everything.

Is it for PC or other uses?

sennheiser hd 428 are great I have some.

I can vouch for sennheiser 419's

Bass is very sweet on them

I work with music and own a wide range of headphones...

Out of all I've tried, I feel the most well rounded bass came from HD 598s, by Sennheiser! Pretty great to work with as well.

I do own Beats but they were a real disappointment...stay away, far away from Skullcandy as well. 


Sorry, did not see the 60$ mark, hehehe.


Try out the Pioneer se m390.

I highly doubt I'll hear anything better for 60 bucks. 

I don't have too much expeirence in headphone or headsets so i'll leave it to everyone else.

but i can say this. STAY AWAY FROM TURTLE BEACH. company messed up on my order and i got 2 of them, Nice right? They both broke. Model Z6a, They're fantastic for the sound quality but they WILL break. I wish i new about this forum before i bought them.

>They're fantastic for the sound quality but they WILL break. I wish i new about this forum before i bought them.

well, i have only heard them in stores, but they did not impress me. no low end on them, with a big gain in the mids arround 500-700 hz. major small sound stage.

to be honest, i think they chose drivers that made footsteps sound a bit more clear, as thats why people want them. as audio headphones they suck imo.


also, my defult bass heavy headphones would be the dt 770 pro's but they are out of your price range. generally i say if you are getting headphones save up atleast for the ath-m50's. buuut since its a gift, i would say go with the skull candys. people think they are something special.

Ok, "fantastic" wasn't the right word. But to me they sound 'pretty' nice for music. Also take into consideration I don't often use other headphones because i'm poor and don't get out much. So my ears have been deprived of proper sound, not raped but the TB drivers. These are the ones with 4 speakers in each ear btw. And yes, footstep are clearer.

For MP3 use mainly.

Don't let the cheesey looks fool you.

These headphones are optimized for music such as drum & bass, dubstep and such.

I tried them out at a local electronics store and they are awesome!

Plus, they are within your budget.

I don't normally relate TB's with amazing sound quality. A friend of mine has had his pair for a couple of years and they're mainly the best used for video games. I personally am gonna buy a pair of M50s since I love their aesthetic look and I've heard raving reviews on their overall sound quality.. Not a fan of the cable though. Think I'll get Skull Candy Hess' headphones since those have a look he'll like and they're said to have the best bass for the price.

Back when I played a lot of CoD WaW I was using a friend's pair of X1s. I believe the first pair got stepped on by my friend's drunk father and snapped the earphone off like it was nothing(lol he was pretty fat though and I understand the X1s are lightweigh plastic.) After those got stapped we found a way to jerry rig them to our head but after awhile one of the drivers went out.

Then a little while after that I was using another friend's pair of X1s and had one of the drivers go out again. I have no clue why everyone was letting me use their headphones really. I came to find that the most likely cause was the fact I would leave the USB cable plugged into the xbox out of laziness which actually, even when the xbox was off, would provide power to the headphones and have them hissing all night. So basically those X1s went through continous use senerio and failed.

After those 2 pairs that I never actually owned I finally saved up enough and bought the DX11s. Which were basically a package that came with the X11s (second gen X1s, so much better too) and the surround sound amplifier they sold. Now hear me out, the SSA was good...for someone on xbox. I actually just recently stopped using my XD11s combo. Going from XD11s to sennheiser HD 558s even with on board sound was incredible. The X11s are decent headphones, but honestly that SSA blows. Plugged my sennheisers into it and found that it was pretty much causing all the hiss I heard in my X11s. I'll also had that the microphone started to hum pretty bad aswell.

Honestly if I had the money right now and wanted to blow it for some reason, I would want to try out the new turtle beach stuff because they are an alright company. But you have to remember that there main audience is the xbox community so you're not going to be seeing much PC audiophile grade stuff coming from them.


EDIT: Must add that if there is something that turtle beach did well it was comfort IMO. For the price the earphone mesh was good texture and let my ears breathe. The X11s also had a very well design for fitting comfortably on most heads, never did the headphones clamp on me like my friends Tritons. What they lack in ruggidness, they more than make up for by simply fitting well on your head comfortably.

Turtle Beach is great! The sound quality and the mic quality is actually better than on Sibera v2-s and what not. But they break, oh man do they break. Tic-tac plastic all the way.

Well, I've never had the fortune of gracing my ears with "premium" or studio quality headphones.  But I've been using the Turtle Beach X12s for about a year or so now, and they work well.  I'm mostly fond of the mic.  So much better than that shit Micro$oft packages with their xbox.  Also, the sound isn't too shabby by my standards, but what do I know, lol?  They're the only pair of "real" headphones I've ever owned.

Also, these headphones have an isolated dial labeled as "bass boost."  Not sure what this means to you guys, but I can definitely tell a difference in the sound when I adjust it.

Oh and one other thing.  The only complaints I have is that these headphones can become uncomfortable after extended use.  I tend to play games for a long time, and after a couple of hours, my ears become irritated and sore.  These headphones also feel cheaply made, and they are a pain in the ass to hook up to the xbox.  (Apparently I was supposed to buy a separate adapter in order to hook them up, but I ended up popping a piece of plastic off the AV cables of my xbox and using that in conjunction with my hdmi cable).