Best Bang For Your buck GPU 2013 (cheap)

Okay, so as we all know the xmas season is almost upon us. With this said money will be coming my way and I am wanting to upgrade to a gpu that can handle the games I play very well, and some that I wish to play but cannot because of my system (look at profile to see details). So I am wanting to know what will be the best bang for my buck gpu that is in a 300 dollar price range. Thanks much

R9 280x cards sit in that range although the best of the lot (sapphire toxic) is around $365, the other are around the $300 mark tho, would have to look up on the benchmarks tho to see whos is better.

Thats the 280x's, i don't know what Nvidia offers in thsi range to be fair, or how it really compares to the 280x's

i'd go with a cheap 7950 + 750k/760k

amd dual core... kind of worries me

HD 7850 is still the king of cheap and plays modern games on mid-high 1080p with ~60ish framerate. 

For $300 I guess it's R9 280.

I picked up an HD 7950 for $230 bucks on Newegg last week.