Best bang for buck GPU?

As the title says,what is the best bang for the buck GPU?

I'm considering EVGA GTX 770 ACX but ha,I don't know when I can afford it though.

that will probably be the new AMD R9-280X thats gonne be released soon on a sweet  $300 price spot.

on the otherhand at the moment the best bang for buck card will be a 7950. if you overclock this card it can compete rightup with a GTX770OC and a 7970GHZ, it even beats a GTX770 oc in some games at 1440P.  but this card is alot cheaper, on sale right now for $244 after $20 mir.

grtz Angel ☺

MysteryAngel is right.

There's actually an open box 7950 right now for 209.

I would grab that up if I weren't broke.

ok,how is this one?

its a good card but im not sure if this one is voltage locked or not, i personaly think it is. about the asus its deffanetly voltage unlocked.