Best backup for ubuntu?

which is best for my ubuntu 23.04.1 build on my 1tb nvme ssd

with btrfs file system

remastersys or Déjà Dup Backups or Timeshift

my pc is a Micro Computer HK Tech Limited UM560 XT

with wifi network connection loaded with 64gb of ram an a 2nd 1tb ssd

were i want the backup’s to go ?

an which of the three is best suited for that file system an

could be used to make double backup’s1 local to internal ssd 1 to my network nas.

Do you want a system files backup, user files backup or a complete hard drive backup?

I’m on Fedora, but since they are both btrfs it shouldn’t matter. I use btrbk for system snapshots and the send them to another drive as a system backup. Then I use restic to backup important user data to Backblaze B2. Then I occasionally make a full hard disk backup with CloneZilla and store it offsite at work.

id like a complete back up or at least a refresh install image option like the one in pop-os that restore to the original install is that doable with ubuntu