Best Android OS for PC

Has anyone used remix OS? How was it, are there better options?

Is there a way to access and use apps from the google play store on Ubuntu or windows 10?

I have a clever use of this to be a cheap skate, don't hate lol

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I've tried to get RemixOS running for a while and failed miserably. I know I can do it, but I'm too lazy to modify the bootup. You can use the APK files to install programs just like you can with any android device. I do believe there's a play store mimic app but it isn't the play store itself.

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I only say that as the Android studio and SDK kit is quite baller, allows you to emulate most any device with your main PC while inside of windows. Maybe also linux I'm not sure on that one.


@Cavemanthe0ne Yes, it does work in Linux ;)


I was unaware if you could do that thax I'll look at it when I get home

Good good... I just need the app store and to use the apps saaaayyyy Microsoft office.... For free.... Cuz I don't want to spend 20 bucks.... Also want to use Ubuntu more than less if I can

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I highly recommend Bluestacks. Oh my what a breeze to use.

Is not working for me, keep getting errors.

"Cannot start Android Studio" when I try to start the

I followed the guide, have you ever used it before? Is there some secret blood ritual I need to preform to make it work?

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I'm using Remix OS in a VM (4 cores, 3GB of RAM) and works great. Also it's a much newer version than Bluestacks (that I've come to hate because of how dumb slow and full of ads it is). The second place for me has to go to Genymotion that's basically a VM but made much easier to work with. The only downside to Genymotion is that you have to find a .zip file that enables a spotty compatibility with apps compiled to work only on ARM chips. From the third place and below all the emulators are basically shit that needs tape to stay toghether.