Best AMD 8 Core to buy and OC

Hey everyone I have decided to get a new cpu and mobo to replace my A8-3870K(Due to it bottlenecking my 770) and I want to get an 8-core and overclock it(hopefully to around 4.7Ghz) to save some money.

I have been hearing that the 8350 is amazing to overclock stably to my dream frequency, but I am mainly worried about Wattage because I am most likely going to be using my psu from my first build(680w) and I don't know if that will be able to have enough power to run my system with the OC on.

I plan on using it to render/encode videos, stream and obviously play games on it which is why I do plan on doing the OC on it for the extra bump up for performance if it is stable.


I will be using the Blackwidow V1 cooler that is all ready on my 3870K due to it keeping  my load temp for the past couple of days (I was not streaming during this time) at 37.4C (will test it here shortly though with stream going)

I know the AMD A8-3870K and the 8350 both recommend 125W at stock, but I am not sure what the wattage will be with the OC.

Stock Voltages

A8-3870K: 1.392V

FX-8350: 1.375V


*Edit: I know I need a new motherboard with it because of socket differences, but I am just seeing if there is a way I could still save a few bucks on the cpu with overclocking.


I am just mainly wondering what thermals I should expect with a overclock and wondering how well each cpu overclocks because if I could get a 8320, 8350 ect ect that overclocks decently well or near what I am hoping to achieve with it

Since I must put this here, if you think a different part would be a better fit please EXPLAIN why so in detail

If you are looking to get a new mobo (which you would need to do in order to get an 8350), then you might think about going intel. You would need a good mobo in order to be able to overclock the 8350, or to handle the 9590 (which might be a good option since they are binned). Anyway, have a look at the benchmarks. It might not make all the difference in the world (though min frame rate would probably be pretty important in this situation, and they don't show that here), but Intel's cpus also use less power and give off less heat. Keeps your pc cooler overall, and doesn't require an aftermarket cooler.,3929-7.html

EDIT: Didn't see that you were planning to do rendering as well. The 8350 (or 9370 or 9590) do rendering really well. The FM2+ platform can't really keep up with AM3+ at the moment.

First of all, 5Ghz is pretty high on Air, especially with that Cooler you linked there. It's not going to happen like that.

You need a motherboard that can handle the power delivery and some high-end cooling solution like the Noctua NH-D15 at least, if not watercooling.
Even with that, running 5Ghz stable means winning the silcon-lottery.

Okay a few things, The cooler will not be enough to do what you want to do in all probability. Secondly those idle temps are impossible on air, I am not saying thats not what the systems is telling you, it probably does say 3-6 degrees, what I am saying is AMD temperature sensors are very bad at low temps. Mine frequently tells me I am idling at 20C when the room is about 23-24, so while the cool is doing a good job it will not do a good enough job.

for money reasons I would say get an 8350 and you will happily get 4.8GHz all day, 5 might be a luck of the draw but certainly possible. If you want absolute assurance of 5GHz you would be better of shooting for  9xxx AMD CPU, not as cheap or as efficient TDP wise but you will get you 5GHz.

After that you will need a pretty solid motherboard. Talking the best here for 5GHz. These are not as crazy expensive as Intel boards but don't come cheap either.

For your power supply you should, might, be okay but depending on the GPU you have you will probably have to replace it. 

So at this stage you are looking at:

  • New CPU
  • New Good Motherbaord
  • New Cooler
  • New PSU

This is quickly stacking up. But it is godd to go if you want to do it, but it is more or less a new PC at this stage.


If you are in no dire need for a new CPU and want to go AMD you might want to wait till next year and and see what the new line is bringing. Other wise go for it now either way it will be a big upgrade.

My gpu is a gtx 770

When I say idle, I mean I am not doing anything on the computer and it is just sitting there with skype, antivirus, Loitech drivers and steam open in the background

Unless the temperature in you room is -1 or -2 degrees this is impossible. Still no doubting what you are being told just saying that the sensor is at fault not your information.

On air a CPU should always be idling above ambient room temperature. other wise it would be colder than the air in the room causing the water vaopur in the air to condense on the cooler. that and it cant really cool itself below what the air can take away. 


FX8350 5 ghz on air? meh will be hard. i can´t get mine passed 4.8. With one of the best aircoolers out there i have.

However i would recommend to go intel. i5-4690K with a nice Z97 board. The reason is simple, the unlocked haswell cpu´s are just better in gaming then AMD. It offcourse still depends on the games you play, But in games that are cpu bound or cpu + gpu bound, the intel i5´s are just running away with those games.

Well I WILL be streaming with the next computer so the extra cores will benefit more then HT


What cooler are you using and what are your average and max thermals?

i5 doesnt has HT, However more cores doesn´t automaticly mean better.

Anyway my idle on 4.8 is 32C and max i saw was 54C, but as soon as i bump it up to 4.9 my temps rising up the roof, 65C on socket, and system crash.

Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE

+1 with MisteryAngel

Because getting a high overclock on an 8350 (or just properly powering a 9590) would require expensive cooling, and an expensive mobo, you are likely to spend less money with the Intel option. Pretty much any z97 mobo and the 4690k (or any 1150 mobo with a 4690 non-k), and stock cooling (or a cheap cooler) will definitely give you better in-game performance. As for streaming, see the link below. Besides that, you would have the option to upgrade to the 4790k later on, which would really make streaming no problem at all.


FX8350 is offcourse still a good cpu for streaming, however if you could afford an i7, then dear god just do it. ☺

Also, cpus have a longer life span than gpus usually. You can still get away with a $300 cpu from generations back, meanwhile, gpus are constantly outpacing themselves. Hell, the 780 just dropped to like $330 or something. So yeah, if you put more money into your cpu right off the bat, then you aren't going to need to upgrade for a long time like you would with a gpu.

8350 is better buy for gaming Speciallay when it's  half the cost for a 4770k. 

only way I'd go 4690k is if I'm building a itx build.

Just re tuned my 8350 back to 4.8ghz and 1.1k MHz on my 7970 crossfire, I'm still running today games in 1440p with 0 issues.

low budget 8350

budget on small factor 4690k

have money to burn, 4790k or 5860k 

gaming and workstation sweet spot 5820k 

As someone with an 8350 I am going to 4th the suggestion to grab a 4690k. Its a better chip.

If you go AMD fx make a build that is price to performance optimized. Something like an fx 8320 for 130-140 on a 99 dollar msi 970 gaming board with a air cooler that cost no more then 50 dollars. The moment you grab something like the 8350 and a crosshair v formula-z and/or some really expensive cooler like a kraken x61 to chase 5ghz you have thrown away the price advantage of the AMD build and could have had a better gaming system for the money.

yes, agree.

Also the fact that the FX cpu´s are allready 2 years old, they just fall behind on those new unlocked haswell cpu´s. Even if you overclock it trough the roof, the performance increase that you will see in games between lets say 4.5GHz and 5.0Ghz on an FX8320 FX8350, will not realy be big.If you concider the costs of a decent watercooling, and Crosshair V Formula Z or some other highend board. then indeed the price to performance is gone. Also intel still has much better ipc, so you can overclock the FX trough the roof, you still not gonne change the ipc by much.


I never thought that you would stop recommending the 8350, MisteryAngel. I guess that the time of AMD for mid-high end gaming cpus is officially at an end then.

But yeah, AMD is only a decent option if you are going budget system through and through.

Well i just can´t get arround facts you know.

I like both Intel and amd. im not biassed.

but just check every reliable source on the net. The FX8350 is still a good budget cpu, dont get me wrong.

But they just cannot keep up with intels unlocked haswell cpu´s anymore. Intel is allready 2 generation´s ahead on AMD, and intel has just a better ipc, which still makes allot sense in gaming today, there are still allot of mmo´s and indie games that realy benefitting from intels single threaded performance. you just can´t deny it.

Since todays highend gpu´s becomming more and more powerfull aswell, they also ask faster core´s to keep up with them. Haswell just offers the fastests core´s today with the best ipc. its just how it is.

This is just where the AMD vs Intel for gaming battle ends, Untill AMD is bring theire new zen architecture to the market.

As other have said, to get a FX8350 to 5ghz will require a good cooler and motherboard. Even then its luck of the draw not all of them overclock that well and even if you did get one that overclocks to 5ghz you wouldn't wanna run it that high everyday.

I like some others in here have an FX 8 core (8320) and have been through all the motions with it. My advice would be to go with an intel i5 4690k and a Z97 motherboard. Your 680watt psu and Blackwidow V1 cooler will work very well with this setup and get a decent overclock.

The i5 4690k will give you plenty of horsepower for everything you want to do. Don't be fooled the FX8xxx are NOT 8 core, just 4 cores with 8 threads in a poorly designed architecture, even though they can hold their ground. The intel route is much newer, more future proof, runs cooler, possibly faster, cheaper now and in the long run.

I would NOT consider the FX8xxx overclocked because you'll need a expensive motherboard and cooler to get a high overclock and an even more expensive cooler for the 220watt FX9xxx. The FX line is also outdated, its just to late and not worth it to build a FX system anymore. Unless your willing to wait till 2016 for the new AMD CPUs.

Here's a Intel parts list that is cheap and very effective $336

Here's the AMD FX system that costs more $368. This would be "pretty much" the cheapest setup you could do and get a stable everyday [email protected]


The two builds you posted here were just empty links


And what do you mean by FX8xxx are not 8 cores? I guess I missed something a while back