Best 800 watt+ Modular PSU that is sleeving friendly

So I'm starting to become one of those "OH MY GAWD DAT CABLE MANAGMENT" kinda guys, I already know what new case I want (Define R4, I'm using an eh rosewill challenger) but I've seen people try and sleeve certain power supplys that are just a total workout to work with (for example corsair's ax1200 with a weird 24 pin) and was wondering what kind of modular power supply that could possibly have 2 670s (I don't have 2 670's at the moment but looking into the future) so about 800 watt+ that is modular and very sleeving cable newb friendly, considering this will be my first ever sleeving excapade.

Thank you so much!

P.S. If you have any tips for a newbie feel free to say!


I'm thinking that it'll be one of those "What kind of sleeving are you using? What kind of heatshrink? etc..." and such so here you go :/

and if I want to mix up my color scheme I'll get this white one

Again thank you so much future people!

Dual 670s, I would recommend a 650W PSU.

Regrdless, Seasonic X PSUs have a couple double wires, but no Ys, making thempretty easy to sleeve. I am (still) sleeving my X650 with MDPC-X, and it is working pretty well, I'm just really busy, so I haven't gotten it done yet.

Also, I wouldn't recommend that ModSmart sleeving. Use Lutro's paracord if you need to save money, or MDPC-X if you want the best.

You always seem to anwser everything as quick as possible for everyone! It's like you're everywhere at once! Thanks!


Thanks for the tip!


I am.


Ya I'm looking at lutr0's stuff right now, I love the smooth paracord look and its really cheap for 25 feet!

Just wish they had blue in stock >_<

He is about to, if not already, release a new type of paracord, so new stock is coming.

Also, MDPC-X blue is in stock ;)

Torn between b-magic and Bleu, I'm allergic to Bleu cheese so probably be getting the b-magic :P