Best 24" Monitor for £150 ($230)

I am looking to buy a new monitor, the ideal size would be 24". I don't need 3D support. I will take a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 monitor, but the 1200p monitors seem to be more expensive and will take a 1080p monitor happily as I know I do not have a big budget.

I would prefer a low response time moniter, it doesn't have to be 1ms but it shouldn't be noticeably through things like ghosting.

I need a good quality monitor and it needs to have a good sturdy stand as I won't be using a third party mount.

I will mainly be gaming, web browsing etc. no professional use.

I would prefer a matte screen and if it fits in my budget I wouldn't mind the screen to be a ips panel but again with a low response time so I dont get ghosting. I'm guessing that an ips panel wont fit into my budget so a matte tn panel will do just fine.

Any help with this will be much appreciated!

The VS247H-P used to be about 200 usd but on newegg its only about 160 usd so you could save some money on that one. oh 23.6" so somthing to keep in mind :/



Zany man