Best $200 monitor?

What's the best $200 gaming monitor (I say gaming because I want it to have a fast response time :p ) it also must have a 1920x1080 or higher. Hopefully there is something out there, thanks for reading! Also, please 23" or more!




Eggxlusive special, ends 11/19

acer... DO NOT WANT

you reccomended a 60hz monitor for gaming? They dont have 120hz for his price point. This one is on sale, and is in the price point.

I bought this last week. Don't regret it at all. The preadjusted setttings are a little wonky to get used to at first, it doesn't come with speakers just backups in case your headphones die so don't ues them. They suck but you aren't paying for them.

Any game I throw at this looks fantastic.

While using theatre mode 1080p blu rays look gorgeous. Batman 2012 looks a-friggin-mazing. Those shots of downtown Gotham had me feeling vertigo like when you're in an IMAX (do you have those in the USA? just bigger screens than the regular movies).  

This monitor is 9/10 for me, if it wasn't for the fact it didn't have 4 useless color profiles and only 2 I enjoy. That's it though. Great features.

Asus quality. Plastic wrapped tighter than Dexter's next victim.