Best 1080p render settings sony vegas pro 12

Hey there,

I have been having a look a sony vegas pro 12 for rendering gameplay clips.

I have been struggling to find the best 1080p render settings as people all seem to have their own opinions. I chose 1080p over 2K or 4K as my upload speed is too slow for them.

Firstly, I want to know what file format I should pick as .mp4 makes the smallest sizes but makes the colours really dark. The Sony .AVCmp4 format does the same but the colours look a little better.

The best one I have found is the .wmv file format as it keeps everything as near to original as possible.

However whenever I upload the .wmv to Youtube I find that resolutions such as 480p look pixelated when dark colours or text is on screen.

At 1080p the dark area still look blocky.

What settings should I use?


Scratch that decided to go 720p instead. This is a test file I have produced:

Can I do any better than this at 720p?

Well what are your current settings?

Here is what I used to use for 720p gaming stuff. A good balance between size and quality (more so to quality)


As for the dark footage. Read this:


I use this:

Render lossless then re-encode using handbrake. Use your filters in sony vegas to get the contrast and color saturation you are looking for. This yields the best results imo. 

I tried using handbrake and I was getting 15 fps on my video which made it stutter when I previewed it.

Why is this? I am running an i7 3770k @ 4.3GHz

These are my current settings for a 1 min 90MB file:

Actually handbrake managed to encode it at 30 fps with very good quality so not sure what the average fps about. 1gb for a 10 min video, that sound about right?

What settings are you using on handbrake?

The handbrake video came to a file size of 1GB for a ten minute video.

Does this sound about right?

It depends on your settings. With handbrake I usually set the video quality to Constant Quality RF=18 and the bitrate will vary depending on the amount of motion/dust/whatever in the video. It sounds like you are getting about 13 mbps which is a little more than what youtube 1080p is. So with that bitrate it should look a little bit better than youtube. 

If you are targeting a certain file size you should use two pass encoding and set encode speed to medium. I don't think there is much benefit in a slower setting than that it it begins to take forever.