Best 100$ motherboard

I have a problem with motherboard I choose for my build - it's too expensive in my country ( Asus SABERTOOTH 99FX R2) so if somebody would please reccumend me some good quality socked AM3+ motherboard if possible not above 100$ . That motherboard will be used by FX-8350


The second one is probably better though.

Don't know if that's possible. Your processor needs to be handled by 6+2 or 8+2 power phase motherboard. You can get 4+1, but won't be long before it gets fried/burns your house down. 6+2/8+2 boards don't cost $100. This is the cheapest 6+2 board I could find:

You might say "Okay, $10 extra not too bad" BUT, this board doesn't have SLI or Crossfire.

So the cheapest board with 6+2 or 8+2 power phases that has SLI and/or Crossfire is this one. It's 8+2:

What would you say about this motherboard :

That's 4+1. You can get that board, it is compatible and it'll work. I just don't think it's very safe to put a 125W processor in a 4+1 power phase, ESPECIALLY if you'll be overclocking. You're just asking for trouble at that point.

This helped a lot in finding the right motherboard for me: I'm in the same boat as you, more or less. I was going to put my 8320 in an MSI 970-G46. It's pretty cheap, $70 bucks or so. But after finding out about power phases, I realized that I needed for fork over the extra cash for a more reliable board for high-TDP processors. I bought an ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0. There was a bundle at Microcenter so I got it for $109.99 :D

This table for all AM3+ boards helps as well:

If you simply don't have the money for a $150 board, you might need to consider downgrading your processor to a 6 core (6300 is the only option for a lower TDP) if you don't already have your 8350.

I will get this pc config but in my country it costs something like 1400$ and that sucks alot !!! :( I will just go work somewhere to get that money tho ( I am 15 )

The 970extreme4 dosent even officialy support the FX8350 (its not in there support list even) and is not recommended.

The  M5A99FX PRO 2.0 is the one to get or a ASUS M5A97 EVO R 2.0 (if you can find one) these are around $100


I can at least get my Athlon II on that motherboard xD

A FM2 athlon or a AM3 athlon?

AM3, Athlon II x2 250