Best 1 tb hdd for ps3?

hi, i am getting ready to purchase a 1tb internal 2.5 hdd for ps3 and purchase a 1tb external hdd to back up my data.please point me inthe right direction for a reliable brand and model.

Any 1TB HDD. I live SV35.5 and Constellation drives, but most any HDD will work for that low of a read-write setup.


But seriously, I've heard that the hdd in the ps3 can cause a lot of issues with large save files in games like Skyrim, and that using an ssd solves the issue. Why not get a small ssd for your internal, and then get an external for storage? I think that would be a much more practical way to go about it. Other than that, I've always heard good things about Seagate's Barracuda drives.

Well, he could always get a 960GB Crucial M500 for about 1/5th the cost of that OCZ 1TB SSD :P

There are much better gb/$ ssds out there, I just grabbed the only "1tb" available. You know, to meet his requirements.

it runs at sata 1 or 2 and without SSD optimizations, you won't see the benefit