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BenQ EL2870 28 Inch 4K Gaming Monitor Review | Level One Techs


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30bit color depth (10 bits per color) breaks everything

Monitor review video:

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I’m hoping for the ViewSonic VX3211-4K-MHD. Seems like a good budget MVA SDR 4K panel.


Woah bro.

That’s actually a great price,


It’a a MVA panel, the Amazon listing mistakenly says it’s a IPS panel.


Also, if possible, @wendell, can you test latency between connecting directly through an HDMI port vs using a HDMI to DP converter, cause supposedly there’s less image processing latency on the Displayport connections for some monitors:

For instance, one customer review of the one I was looking at claimed high latency on the HDMI ports and way lower latency on the DisplayPort.

Since the Leo Bodnar is HDMI only, it may be worthwhile to convert to DisplayPort to check both ports.


At least scandinavian BenQ customer support is super great, if not even dyslexic greatness, you ship, and , you get back something really fast with no questions or answers asked

Early xl2730z firmware update went great
and later warranty return did work so that I got reply email with pdf, mailed that and it did bumerang new back with no questions asked or answers given, just mythical brand new box happened to come back

Fantastic :mage:t2:


You know, I’m tired of looking for decent 1080p screen like 70% of the gamers and 90% of the monitor reviews to be for 4k monitors that most people can’t afford.
I can’t find a review of any of the freesync monitors, available to me, but damn, I have a huge library of 4k monitor reviews…


100 range has 1080p AOC
200 range has cool 1440p’s

Then its already this monitor, soo… what do you want?


It have multiple LG IPS, it have ViewSonics, AOCs, ACERs… I want some reviews of some of them,…

Nevermind… Obviously that video wasn’t aimed at me. Shouldn’t have commented anything…


I got some.of the Dell $99 1080p displays. Those are shocking good. Review?




@wendell To what you were saying about false advertising on Grey to Grey, Hardware Unboxed reviewed this exact monitor and found the grey to grey to be 6.53ms.

Also, it’s a TN panel, and Tim found a bad input latency on this monitor when he reviewed it.


Be warned, Linux users. If you want to use this monitor in 10bit color by changing DefaultDepth 30 in xorg.conf, almost all applications on Linux are broken when the color bit depth is set to 30bits. (10bits per channel, required for HDR10)