Benefits between Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

Home or Pro??? Just curious @Novasty :O)

I'm on Pro

Coolio!!! :O) How are you finding it so far???

Smooth, a couple of program freeze up, but leaving it idle for a couple hours seems to of ironed out all the kinks, it is smooth now.

EDIT: I am still annoyed at the default program changed though....

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ya ? :) Nothing instills confidence like your stuff changing ?

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I haven't seen anything different nor have I notice anything missing as of yet. I also have all the telemetry shit blocked at the router level before hand.

Good to know!!! :O)

Careful too much stuff in the start menu. There might be a fix for that now ?

I uninstalled everything I didn't need and killed Candy Crush as fast as I could. So I can't complain when removing things that come with windows by default is almost 2nd nature to me.

I totally forgot about Candy Crush!!! :O) Then its settled! Hello Windows 10 ;O)

I can honestly see where win 10 would not to be bad if they changed the update policy and you didnt try and run older stuff with it. Once you nuke the garage and bring the privacy invasion under some control. It is not half bad. I think i have seen worse efforts on their part.

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Think I'll wait until I am ready to buy the OS and make my final choice then.