Benefits between Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

I'm almost ready to build my system, yay!!! Bought a 21" monitor and a 1TB hard drive yesterday from PC World in Poole (early Christmas gift from my mum and brother) and my brother ordered 8GB of Corsair 1333 MHz RAM from ebuyer last night, which will be here later today! Just need to get a mechanical keyboard (plus OS) and I'll be good to go!!!

I'm just wondering IF I should go with Windows 10 rather than Windows 8.1 (which I was going with; still might.)

Anyone who is running the retail version of Windows 10, what are your thoughts??? I [personally] like the look of the GUI of Win 10, but I still love 8.1 I know that when I run 8.1 Microsoft will continue to [force] 10 onto me and that I'll have 'fun' sorting out the updates etc.,

Is Windows 10 the best thing since sliced bread? Is it stable? Will there be problems that have/will be encountered? (I've had no problems with 8.1 on my laptop and find it responsive.)

Thoughts please!!! :O)

In my opinion there is little difference in user experience between 8.1 and 10. The main one being the start menu via the splash screen which you can change anyway.

From a Power Users perspective Windows 10 brings new versions of PowerShell and Hyper-V (assuming you get Pro over Home).

From a gamers perspective Windows 10 ha DirectX 12 which won't be coming to Windows 8.1.

From a Privacy Advocates point of view Windows 10 is even worse than Windows 8.1, and it's default behaviour will be to store lot's of information about you on Microsofts servers.

Personally if you are about to buy an OS I would comapre the Home versus the Pro editions. True the Pro editions are more expensive but they might have some features you want.

I use Win 8.1, 10 and Mint 17.3; My favorite is Mint - it feels really well baked, Win 8.1 is for gaming, and Windows 10 Pro is on my work laptop.

I've had the most problems with Windows 10 but it has been stable for a while now and can be customised and tuned. If I was building a new home machine and needed Windows, it would be Win 10 Pro that I would go with. Sooner or later I would want full Direct X 12 support.

EDIT: Comparisons of versions here;
I use a domain at home, Hyper-V for VM's, Bitlocker encryption and Remote Desktop which is why I'd choose Pro.

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I can't think of a legitimate reason for choosing Windows 8 over Windows 10. Win10, however, has plenty over Win8, such as BGL's points.

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If you're unsure, get 8.1. You can always upgrade to 10, take a test drive, and if you don't like it you can go back to 8.1.

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I wont be using my PC for 'Highend' games i.e. Battlefield 4, Skyrim, Battlefront etc., In time, I'll build myself a decent gaming rig. The system I am about to build will be mainly for learning Python and to store video, music & photo's. (I'm planning on getting a DSLR in the new year.) I will be playing a few [retro] games like X-Wing v's TIE Fighter that I'll get from

IF I knew for certain that Microsoft would be supporting 8.1 until January 2023, then that would me my decision easy!

The only real bitch I have with Win10 is the totally shitty search functionality.


As in searching for files on the PC? Or searching for things online?

File searching is a bit more cumbersome for my taste. Some people may not have a problem with it.


@ProSonicLive How stable is Windows 10 ? In the time I have used 8.1, I've not seen a BSOD or any freezing! (I know that other people have, and it depends on the type of hardware that the PC or laptop uses,) but for me, 8.1 has been a dream. Just wondered about 10 ???

I have not had any grand scale problems that were not my fault.
It actually surprised me as far as stability goes. I will say that it feels awkward as a more advanced user of windows when you want to do something; Or, it did, until I figured out how to stop cortana from searching the web, and just search my computer.
After that, having a search function where it is in 10 is kind of nice IMO. I actually like having the tiles in the start menu, it works much better than full-screen metro for desktops.

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I would personally pick 8.1, but I also have 2 friends, that would totally pick Windows 10 over any other OS and they actually know about computers. Having DirectX 12 support would very likely benefit you in a long run though.

I apologize for any possible grammar mistakes.

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Other then the privacy issues in Win10 I don't see any reason not to get it. I was a Windows 7 hold out until January of this year when I finally switched to Windows 8.1 (built a new rig and Windows 7 actually cost more to purchase then Windows 8 at the time). I switched to Windows 10 the second I could, I had been running the preview builds on my laptop. I have only had 2 crashes on Windows 10 between my desktop and laptop. Both of them on my desktop since I cranked my over clock up.... :)

Ah! I wont be overclocking. TBH, I don't think the A4 4000 would overclock? :O)

Yor grammar is just fine!!! :O) So you would personally pick 8.1 @MrSmiley ???

  1. Like the ease of being able to force all downloads to whatever drive i choose. Pure sweetness.
  2. I see a marked improvement in my browser of choice with internet surfing and general media consumption.
  3. File system took alittle getting use to but i can see where that would have some benefits if many people use the same pc.
  4. No noticable gaming improvements. ( on older hardware )
  5. I do not like having to fight for control of my pc,tho. You have to hack the crap out of it in order have to some control over the data mining.
  6. Win 10 is a massive drm machine expect issues with content and games/media that are not part of the windows 10 drm machine.( even their own games ? )
  7. No browser extentions ?
  8. Windows will constantly fight with you over your default choices if they do not align with what they want you to use.
  9. Win 8.1 isnt perfect but is still more user friendly than 10
  10. Direct X 12 meaning much is still aways off.
    I am not sure any one OS is all that much better than the other but i would take the time to consider how you use your pc and what is important to you. Let your use govern your choices
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Privacy is imortant, as is being in control of my own PC. Other than a few [older] games like X-Wing v's TIE Fighter and Jedi Academy, which I'll get from, I wont be playing any new high end games. My PC will be used mainly to learn programming (in Python) and to store music, video's & photo's.

Win 8.1 isnt good in that regard either but you do have some control. I mainly speak from Home user as i have never felt the need to purchase all the added features of the higher tier. I definitely resent the fact i would have to purchase enterprise grade win10 in order to have some control over updates. Enough so that win 8.1 is that last windows i will ever purchase or use for much of anything. My migration to linux is coming along nicely. ( A hopeful moment in linux gaming might be spawning as we speak. )

Personally yes, I would pick 8.1 .

Linux is in my future, so t speak/type! But not on this upcoming build. I know and understand that Microsoft is a huge corporation, I truly get that.... BUT why do thay have to create an OS that's so draconian???

ExtremeTech pointed out that, whilst previously campaigning against Google for similar data collection strategies, "[Microsoft] now hoovers up your data in ways that would make Google jealous."

I just upgraded Win10 today, Win + Tab key is my favourite shortcut in the history of Windows.

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