Benchmarking virtual servers (with Ansible) - Toolset and scripts

Hi all,

I run multiple virtual servers across different providers running mostly Linux. The servers are used for custom web hosting with different stacks. I prefer managing the server configurations with Ansible and have a good setup for managing everything with repeatability.

I am looking for help finding and correctly setting up Linux benchmarking tools to be able to produce repeatable and transferable performance metrics for different servers. The Ansible and automation side of things is not a problem for me to get working but I am unfamiliar with the tools used for benchmarking and how to correctly run them to produce repeatable results.

Looking to get at least these nubers for the servers:

  • I/O performance for the virtualized disk (transfer and iops)
  • Single thread cpu performance
  • Multi thread cpu performance
  • network performance (speedtest dot net or similar)
  • bonus points for mysql/mariadb performance metrics

The goal is to be able to run an Ansible role against a server and get a set of easily understandable metrics to be able to compare servers for different providers and of different vintages.

Hope someone can help or at least point me in the right direction.

Try the phoronix test suite: