Benchmarking data for the RTX 3090

Hello there NavJack here! If you don’t know me I’m the webmaster and editor for The Chip Collective. I also say a lot of things on Twitter.

I was blessed by Wendell with the opportunity to take a look at the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 FE. Life based circumstances have made it hard to collect my thoughts about the card but during my time with this hardware I did collect a decent amount of benchmarking data. I feel as though it would be a shame if all of this just stayed on my computer while I waffled about attempting to write a full review. As I’ve already returned the card to Wendell safe and sound I’ve decided to just link to a OneDrive folder with everything in it. Hopefully everything is understandable as is. I give full permission to use my data however you feel as long as you attribute me as the one who ran the tests. Possibly in the future I might write a whole thing on The Chip Collective but until then dig right in. I’ll try to check on this thread for any questions or comments. Thanks!

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