Benchmark Request: DXVK performance of different IF clocks and PCI-E 3.0 vs 4.0

Apparently DXVK is very sensitive to memory latency and PCI-E speed so low Infinity Fabric clocks on Ryzen would actually bottleneck DXVK.

Anyone able to test across memory speeds and PCI-E versions of performance in various games specifically with DXVK like Hardware Unboxed? MangoHUD can help you gather the info, and logs uploaded there can be publicly viewable so we can compare performance.

Obviously there’s no Intel comparison because no PCI-E 4.0.

inb4 crusty 2133 with low timings becomes valuable

I’ve heard XT versions can do about 200Mhz higher on RAM on the lower divider of IF clock
all I’ve got with my 3800XT is 3200Mhz ram so I can’t really help on that