Beginner video editing sofware

Hey everyone I was looking at starting a youtube channel as a hobby while i play games, but i have no really experience with video editing. I'm not sure what sort of software would be best suited for youtube quality videos. I currently am running a fx-6300 w/ a gtx 770 gpu. If anyone could point me in the right direction or have any tips that would be outstanding. Thank you all!

beginner? windows movie maker?

To be honest I'd say just jump right in .

I had never done any video editing before, but I had to for a video project I had to do for a class. I just went for it and started playing around in Premier and After Effects. While it can seem really challenging and daunting at first, you'll really benefit from it. take out some books, watch some tutorials, and just mess around by yourself. You'll start to figure things out and it will be a really rewarding experience. 

Pinnacle Videospin

I recommend looking into lightworks.

For a beginner use Cyberlink as its like a mix between windows movie maker and Sony Vegas. It also if used right has a lot of great features.