Beginner Creating Up Vote/Down Vote Site

Beginner here wanting to get a up vote/down vote site running so I can start playing around with it. Something similar to the reddit comment sections. Experience with Python basics and starting HTML. Looking for guidance on some of the best paths to go with this project since switching paths may require learning even more programming languages. Currently looking along the lines of brushing up on HTML, CSS, and MySQL. Learning to tie it all together will be the fun part. Like to read, so suggestions welcome.


You could do it with either of your suggestions, you could use Flask or Django with Python, however, I feel for a beginner probably HTML+PHP+MySQL may be the way to go. Once you have the database figured it should be almost trivial, so personally I would recommend learning a bit of fundamental database theory if you have not already. After this you just need to communicate with the database with PHP and format the results of queries onto a HTML document. :)

Hey thanks, can be tough deciding with so many options.   I will keep it basic with HTML+PHP+MySQL for now.

Found some good resources for beginners.  The Harvard intro to computer science is great for those with little or no experience with programming.  Lots of videos and walk throughs, just go to