Beer Games Beer?

Hi Logan,

Are you planing to do some more streaming on Beer Games Beer (Twitch/Youtube) and when maybe? I would like to ask Pistol the same question as well...


Morten, Denmark

They'll probably start again after they setle into their new office.

They are just getting moved into the new office right now. So it might be a while till they do another live stream. I just moved myself and I don't have internet yet. Probably won't be getting that till around the end of this month. So without internet, I can't do my videos

we posted within 10 seconds of each other

And we pretty much said the same thing. lol

Agreed. I just moved myself, I'm just at my moms getting the rest of my stuff then heading back to albany on sunday. I will miss always bragging about being close to cornell university and corning inc. However I live near a global foundries plant now, and I also know someone that works there that is in my advanced computer application class

Yeah, in my situation between college and work I won't be able to move out of my parents place until next summer.

Hopefully next place i'll be living will have better internet.

who is your ISP?

Well since there is no actual ISP in my area I have to rely on a broadband stick from virgin mobile.